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Interested in joining a team that desires to make a difference in the community? You have come to the right place! Adventist Health is a group of non-profit health care facilities that are constantly growing and evolving in California’s Central San Joaquin Valley. Our mission, vision and values provide us a road map on our journey to excellence. Everything from our hiring practices to our retirement plans are tied back to our mission, vision and values to ensure that we are being the organization we have set out to be. When looking for people to join our team, it is important that we find skilled professionals who share the same desire for excellence. Please read through our mission, vision and values below to see if Adventist Health / Central Valley Network is a team you’d like to join. We would love to review your application!

Mission: To share God’s love by providing physical, mental and spiritual healing

Vision: To be the best place to receive care, the best place to practice medicine and the best place to work


  • Heartfelt Compassion
  • Enthusiastic Respect
  • Inner Integrity
  • Vital Quality
  • Thoughtful Stewardship
  • Human Wholeness
  • Loving Family
  • Personal Contribution

Employees who join our high-performing network have a wonderful opportunity to do meaningful work. Whether you are new to health care or are an experienced hospital employee, you’ll find that working with us is an exciting and rewarding experience. Along with the opportunity to join a team of other professionals in an enjoyable working environment, you will have the deep satisfaction that comes from knowing that you have made a difference in the lives of other people. Our team takes pride in the ability to make a difference in the lives of the patients and communities we serve.

To continue your job search, please view our current job opportunities.

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